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Are straight men the most judged people on the planet ?

These assumptions below aren’t shared by everyone but are still very abundant and exploited by people. 

Kindness to a female you don’t know, you’re a white knight 

Close female friends, you’re in the friendzone 

Close gay male friends, you’re secretly at it 

Sleep with many girls, you’re an untrustworthy player

Talk about your feelings, masculinity used against you 

Work a lower paid career such as nursing or childcare, you’re a cuck

Sleep with fewer girls, you’re a loser 

Being voluntarily celibate, involuntarily celibate 

Prefer porn over sex, you can’t get sex easily/lazy 

Manage stress the same way women often do, you’re a p*ssy

Wear cosmetics, you’re gay

Wear revealing clothing, you’re gay 

Protective of your girlfriend, you’re easily depicted as possessive 

Portray any submissive role in a relationship, you’re a cuck

If you’re short, you’re less attractive 

Lower financial status, you’re less of man 

Strike a female or defend yourself from one, you’re a coward no matter what  

Get abused by your girl, you’re a p*ssy

Report being abused by anyone, you’re a wuss

Claim sexual assault, you’re laughed at

Get sexually abused as a kid by a woman, you enjoyed it 

Comfort a child in distress, there’s barriers that receive less angry attention if it’s a woman

Drunken hookup, if she decides the next day she regrets it, you took advantage 

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    If you've told a woman you want to be her friend then try to change the rules and make it a sexual relationship that's a betrayal of trust. If your intentions were sincere there'd be no "friendzone" because you'd be happy to be her platonic friend. Imagine you took on a new male friend and he says he just wants to hang out but then he makes a pass at you. Bet you'd do more than just "friendzone" him. P.S. A "playa" isn't a "playa" because he sleeps with a lot of women. It's because he lies to them, makes them believe it's exclusive and then cheats. No one bats an eye at a serial monogamist who just has a high "body count". 

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    Never heard any of those from a majority.

    The most persecuted person on the planet is the one who requires it to feel strong.

    Go grasshopper be strong.

    Source(s): Not Persecuted Constitutionally Protected Hetro White American male
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