Can you video other people in a private community?

We live in a private apartment complex in a gated community. The woman that lives above our garage has made many complaints to the leasing office about us “disturbing” her when we use our garage(we use surf boards, longboards, bikes, my mom is a nurse and that’s where she changes out of her scrubs in the morning after her night shift). This lady has gone so far as to call the management say we were having a party, and when they came to check it out, we were moving around boxes in the garage. Within the last few hours, she has installed a camera hanging over her balcony, pointed right above our garage, and captures anyone who walks by. Not only is it infringing on our privacy, but now others as well. Is she allowed to do this? What action can we take , so that we can stop being watched?


I’m in California and as far as I know, both parties have to be aware and consenting of recording taking place, and it’s also illegal to videotape on private property. But where do the rules lie in a complex?

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  • 1 month ago

    The camera is on her property. She needs only her own consent to record from there. The rules regarding privacy are that if you want privacy, you have to create it. That means either closing the blinds, putting up a wall between you and the public, or some other means of preventing others from looking in upon you.

    If the video camera serves no purpose other than to snoop on you, some creativity on your part might be beneficial. (don't confuse this part with legal advice. I'm not advising you about anything)

  • 1 month ago

    Entirely legal, yes.  

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