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Does anyone else experience this?

So maybe I’m unlucky or just super ugly. But I’m always single and starting to believe it’s due to pickiness. I have tried to maintain a smaller figure & have put on weight, even at my thinnest, it’s impossible to find a man. I thought when I was smaller I would have men more interested in me. This is how my dating life works: the men I want don’t want me back and I only get attention from the guys that I don’t want. And I have tried the dating apps, bumble where the girl makes the first move. And I get responses here and there, the ones I find cute eventually unmatch or stop messaging. Should I get plastic surgery? Like I’ve seen some ugly women have fine men so what gives. I’m told I’m cute/pretty so... who’s to blame here?

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  • Helen
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    1 month ago

    The problem isn't your appearance. Just because something hasn't happened for you yet, doesn't mean to say it never will.

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