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Why are straight men’s friendships so often categorised ?

Beyond the “women and men can be just friends” debate, there’s still an abundant presumption of being in the friend zone or a dodgy guy if your close friends are female. I’ve had my 7 year friendship used against me by an ex’s possessive friends trying anything they could to get her away from me. Also the routine white knight assumptions if I you do a non chivalrous favour or help out a female in need of assistance.

Or being friends with gay dudes. One of my the camp type and we hang out the way I would my other friends yet I receive routine negative attention for this or assumptions we’re secretly at it. Straight and gay women wouldn’t receive the same attention. 

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  • Mike
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    1 month ago

    This is just a classic case of how humans can be very judgmental.   What's left is how much you let it get to you.

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