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Why didn’t the Emancipation Proclamation free the slaves in the slave states that had not seceded?

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    The emancipation proclamation was an executive order. Executive orders, just like legislation, may be constitutional or they may be unconstitutional. Lincoln did not have the power to terminate state laws. Slavery was still constitutional then. His legal argument for freeing the slaves in the Confederacy is that he had the power to do it because they were in rebellion. He even had one or two doubts about that, and he was afraid that there would be successful lawsuits against the emancipation proclamation when peace came. That’s why he pressed so hard for the 13th amendment. Steven Spielberg’s movie “Lincoln” explains this very clearly. It’s got its corny moments, but it’s a very good and historically accurate movie. (Lincoln also wanted to avoid having the border states join the Confederacy. He expressed a desire that the freed slaves would join the US Army. However, he did not free only able-bodied adult males. So we can see what he was driving at.)

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    Because Donald Trump was president and he hates black people

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    It did

    But it didn’t free the stereotypes and negative attitudes of all Americans 

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    Lincoln only wanted to end the war.

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    It was a calculated move to keep those states in the Union. After the Civil War slavery was abolished wholesale.

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