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Why are pvp players so toxic?

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    My guess? 

    Some people don't know how to keep competition healthy and ethical. 

    The other is that the internet allows a lot of anonymity where people get carried away with lack or consequences for their actions. 

    Just remember, if you call somebody an SJW or snowflake for being offended about something serious in real life, but think it's okay to want to murder someone for sassing you online, you might be a hypocrite. 

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    Healthy competition is good for a game. It keeps people interested. As for the toxicity of it, they are just words. I play with people who I probably raged about in the past.

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    Anonymity + the fact it's a game with winning/losing conditions + the general type of audience video games attract.

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    In survival games like ark or conan exiles.....

    If you are pvp and you aren't actively "mining" your neighbors, then you are ignoring a big part of what the game allows to do.

    Some people aren't there to make friends, or they know they already have enough friends.

    That said, an Alpha beating up on low levels kills the population count to the point where a PVP server may as well be a PVE server since no new people join it.

    So they move to a new server and start the cycle over.

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    Well, think about it. What is PvP? It's you against another real life person in a virtual fight to the death. This isn't some artificial monster that just sits there taking everything you throw at it until it dies, no, this is someone thinking, planning, reacting. It's the only place we as humans can technically go in and kill other people without actually committing the act and facing a criminal charge.

    Pvp is a power dynamic. The survival of the fittest. It's proving once and for all, i'm the stronger person, bow to me.

    This is why pvpers are so toxic, they feed of the power that being the best gets you. No one cares if you beat a boss, because that boss's entire purpose is to be defeated. But if you are on the top of the leader boards of beating other players, there's a sense of domination involved.

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    Because the gaming community for the most part is very toxic which is why I prefer not to associate myself with them even though I myself am a gamer.

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    General online community toxicity (in games or elsewhere) generally boils down to 3 key components.

    1) Relatively Anonymity -- Users online are only known by their username & don't have to meet in-person.  While players may talk to each other (by chat, voice or video), the lack of a IRL location where everybody congregate gives players the ability to remain relatively unknown within the community.

    You don't HAVE to stay anonymous within the community & try to make a reputation for yourself (either as a great, high-skill player... a kind & generous player...  or a complete troll) if you want.

    2) Relatively Low Enforcement of Acceptable Usage Policies (AUP) -- While players can report others who are breaking rules or being generally offensive to others, it's the developers of the game OR the online platform the game is played on to enforce their rules & policies.

    Failure to enforce their policies breeds toxicity because they'll rarely get punished for their rules violations... thus permitting such actions through enforcement inaction.

    3) Relatively Low Consequences for Bad Behavior -- When somebody DOES get punished for breaking rules, it's generally a low consequence.  Behave badly in game will usually get you banned from the game servers for some time, but that's it.

    For online platforms (like XBox Live), the stakes increase a bit for bad players since getting banned in one game could get escalated to getting banned on all online-supported games for some time, where a permaban would cause you to forfeit your subscription time.  For some digital distribution platforms (like Steam), getting banned could strip you from your game library... raising the consequences to a high level.

    HOWEVER, the threshold to get a new account is LOW...  Getting permabanned from XBox Live just means you just create a new account & purchase a new subscription (costing as low at $5 / mo or $60 / yr).  Getting a new unrestricted Steam account requires a $5 investment, but the stakes can increase as you invest more (with games, inventory items, ect.).  This only temporarily inconvenience players for a couple of minutes while they set up a new account.

    Please be aware that this isn't the norm for all games & communities, as some may have heavier enforcement or just better (less toxic) players.

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    Competitive PvP players, yes they are especially toxic. I hope they know that it's just a bloody game.

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    1 month ago

    Most pvpers aren't.  The griefers have no other way of making themselves feel about their lives.

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    1 month ago

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