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I m a woman in Engineering School.I was peetty and talland all my co students are ugly with glasses.No pretty women around.?

I made the mistake of my life.I needed ajob that pays good money.I had no connections.What else could I do?

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  • Kin
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    1 month ago
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    Did you go to school to learn about engineering and the possibility of seeking a good job one day or did you go there to gawk at the women from your school? If I have personal errands or personal business to do, that is what I focus on than focusing on those around me.

  • Dimple
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    1 month ago

    lol.. you seriously should not be in Engineering school.. especially if you make that many typos on your keyboard.  

    ****.. i'd hate to see your capstone project.

  • You do seem rather petty. 

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