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Am i wrong to expect loyalty from my min wage employers... I put a lot more effort and care into my stupid job than many ppl around?

I can expect ful time hours right? They said im reliable so whatsthe issue? Why did they cut my hours to less than half

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    Yes, you are wrong. Employers with only a few exceptions treat their employees as a necessary nuisance and drain on profits. They will never be loyal to you; they will lay you off in a second if they feel they can do so without affecting their bottom line without regard to your loyalty to them.

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    You an care all you wish, you can be dependable and reliable, you can still suck.

    You did not mention type of business, you did not mention location, you did not mention sales, all of which plays into how many hours you get.Without knowing the circumstances, we can't help you.

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    The fact that they pay minimum wage shows they have minimum expectation to keep you (or anyone else) as an employee.

    No matter how good or bad you are at your job, they'll replace you in a heart beat.

    You should use this job merely as a stepping stone to a better, higher paying one.

    In fact, now that you have more free time... use it to find a better job.

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