Who are paranormal investigators?

Today, I came across someone online who was friendly at first, I told them I couldn't study well and that I keep getting distracted by other things, and if they had any tips for me.

Then out of nowhere they mentioned, they were a 'paranormal investigator' and continued to say creepy stuff like "I deal with ghosts", "Not being able to study is just a symptom, not the problem", "I'm not kidding around"

Then they asked me to send them a photo of my bed so they could help me. Obviously I refused and never talked to them again, but curiosity still lingers within me until this moment. Was I just being trolled? 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Sounds like they were phishing.  These con artist and serial killers need the information in order to come into your life.  You did right by not sharing information about yourself online.

  • Don't these alleged paranormal investigators exist, the investigators are F.B.I.?

    Anyway, there are people all over the world who have had experience with these spiritual entities, like me, the presence of spirits are absolutely spirits of demons!

    It is the faculty of the spirits to manifest themselves to the people who choose them, or, whoever wishes to see them, must do the spiritual sessions in the company of the True Psychics or Mediums.

    The presence of spirits is another thing about your problem, I don't see any entity around you, because spirits manifest themselves in many other things...!

  • 1 month ago

    If somebody I was chatting with said, "I'm an FBI agent" and, "I want to see a photo of your bed," I wouldn't go to Yahoo Law Enforcement and ask "Who are FBI agents?" I'd block him.

  • Tom
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Since it is NOT an established profession or Scientific Specialty, Anybody can be a "Paranormal Investigator" or call themselves one.  More often than not they are younger adults looking for some "thrills" or a more "serious" person who looks into such things as a HOBBY.  Rarer still is a TRUE investigator with a (needed) Wide Scientific background that can recognize normal phenomena most other people cannot or are unaware of, as ALL prosaic phenomena MUST be accounted for before it, as it ever prudent to consider ANY untoward event as being somehow "Paranormal"----

    If he/she is truly Scientific, then the perm "Paranormal" may never come up, as there is NO PARANORMAL as far as Science is concerned, only the NORMAL that our Current Science cannot explain YET.  It is the investigator's goal to 1) First determine the mental state of the witness/reporter at present and at the time of the experience.  A drunk, High, sleepy or otherwise mentally impaired witness at the time of the event, is immediately eliminated. As are people who are always in such a state. 2) fraud or hoax possibilities also need to be reasonably eliminated, before any investigation proceed. 3) The investigator must then use his Scientific knowledge to bring up other prosaic and known phenomena that can explain the event in question and most simply--If the event can be satisfactorily  explained, then investigation over.   4) If it cannot be explained by known Science then, it may be considered an "Unknown"----which is to be expected from time to time, as our current Scientific knowledge is incomplete. 5) The investigator may want to experience the event himself if possible.  (Small chance as such events are rare and happen randomly) As he may recognize it immediately id he encounters it---or at least be able to glean some important observations (Light color, other effects) and at the same time have some instruments, such as EMF detectors, Ionization meters, cameras, thermometers, etc. running to get enough clues to determine what it may really be, or gather enough info to be able to develop a theory OR a method of prediction so such phenomena may be better studied in the future.-----Having a direct observation of the event in question along with gathering instrumental data is the best an investigator can hope for in a real "Unknown" situation.

    A Scientist can only work with Experience, Experiment, observation and Logic.---He faces the fact that the only thing that is actually KNOWN about an "unknown" is the evidence he gathers by himself or that of others under similar conditions and precautions.--------He will NEVER use the term "Ghost" or "Spirit", save for a descriptive of the phenomena that "People TAKE for "ghosts" and Spirits"".---AS there is absolutely NO evidence that the observations were somehow "Spirits of the dead"-----He only knows what his instruments tell him.------Which is to be later combined with other instrumental evidence and experiences.------

    Individual witness testimony, often counts for little, It is the testimonies as a whole that may be considered, where hundreds of cases are compared to each other----Where definite patterns of activity show up, and similar descriptions all of which can be "clues" to what may really be going on.---Pointing to possible directions for future study.   

    And it IS Scientific to Declare an "UNKNOWN " as simply being "UNKNOWN" or "unexplained" for the moment anyway.  It is NOT Scientific to say what it was or was not without evidence----As we do not KNOW what it is----LOOSE ENDS need not be tied up.   The mark and job of a true Scientist is to INVESTIGATE currently "unknown phenomena" (if determined to be so), no matter what an ignorant witness may call it.  That is how Scientific Discoveries are made-----

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  • Maybe they were just testing you to see how gullible you were and if you turned out to be one of those sorts of people that believe in things that aren't real like ghosts and psychic mediums and such then they would have asked you for money to remove a curse or exorcise an evil spirit or whatever imaginary thing they could think of for an excuse for you not studying successfully. 

  • 1 month ago

    That sounds very suspicious. Do you have any idea where this person is from? That is not the kind of question that even a medium would ask, and a paranormal investigator is only someone that has an interest in paranormal and has some of the tools available for the subject. Wanting a pic of your bed is pervy. Could it possibly have been a female? I know one that I wouldn't put it past. Don't talk to them again or they will get pervier and ask for other pictures.

  • Dr. NG
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    1 month ago

    Yours is a great example of why you NEVER give out personal information on the Internet. Do not contact with your email or phone anyone until you are SURE who they are.

    Who are paranormal investigators? 99% of them are paranormal fans doing it as a hobby. A few, very few, make a living doing it. Zak Bagans is one, making millions selling hogwash, books, movies, and TV shows to the gullible. Not without controversy though.

  • 1 month ago

    I agree to darkvelvetrain. 

    To your concentration problem: Put off WLAN!...that include the mobile. 

  • 1 month ago

    Yes, you were likely being trolled or were dealing with mentally ill person.  A sane paranormal investigator probably would not have done any of that.

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