Are the Meinl Marathon Exsclusive Series Congas set of three Worth it?

I am a professional conga drummer that does both traditional & freestyle conga techniques & need professional quality congas the conga,quinto & tumba to go with my LP Giovanni galaxy congas & like to mix different brand congas for unique tones yes I am different this way than most conga players & what is easier for me to save up is the meinl marathon exsclusive series congas! Are they professional quality congas since they say the working percussionist in mind? They say has many professional features without all the bells & whisles & I am like wowza sounds good to me!!! They sure sound nice better than entry level congas plus not the entry level size but are 30" tall just like my LP Giovanni galaxy congas!! Are they worth getting for my advanced professional skills of playing? Need expert advice on this for I want to make a good choice not a stupid choice for I don't see many using the meinl marathon exsclusive series congas as professional conga players & is that a bad thing? These meinl marathon exsclusive series congas are not the entry level meinl headliner series congas but to me are better plus more affordable for my budget!!! Am I terrible for getting these congas as a local professional conga drummer? 

1 Answer

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