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My health and cleaning?

I work for a residential cleaning service. Occasionally we have to deep clean houses. Ovens is my main concern. I have to use the cleaners given and oven cleaner really makes me sick and hurts my lungs when I have to clean with it so I figured wear a mask maybe. What type of mask could I wear to keep the fumes out of my lungs when I am cleaning ovens also maybe it could help with the bleach fumes in the bathroom as well 

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    id look into using products that are more natural like baking soda to clean the oven. No job is worth risking your health. Hope you find products that are usable for the surfaces and are safe. all the best.

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    There is no mask for that.   Use your  long arm and long reach and hold your breath if your head is in there(my god you got short arms)

     Getting most of the gunk out gets rid of MOST OF THE SMELL.  It is meant to smell like lemon or Lime(it says so on the can) still it is an artificial smell, so it is overpowering.  I reach in and keep my head out and clean off the gumbo.  I do it in sections and then walk away and do something else until my head is clear and head back to do some more.


     . Bleach fumes? what fumes.  The bottle of bleach you buy that says 100% bleach is 85% water and 15% bleach.  They are all like that. (So no worse that a laundry room.) Ammonia is also 15% ammonia and the rest is water and you still do not mix ammonia and bleach together as that is poisonous.


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    As an employee you have a right to ask for the MSDS sheets of the products you are working with which will list the handling procedures and any protective equipment needed. 

     You also have a right to ask your employer for the protective equipment needed AND replacements when needed. Quite a lot of employers try to say you only get one set per year etc but that is not correct. You need it when you say you need it.

    If the MSDS sheet says well ventilated then open the windows or run the extractor fan while you use it, and if possible leave the area.

    If you are cleaning hobs then you can cover it in cling film to reduce the odour - and your employer should pay for it as it is protecting you...and cheap.

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    I agree if bleach fumes are burning you you are using way too much bleach.

    CDC recommendation is 1 tablespoon of bleach to 1 gallon of water.  

    Leave doors open, turn on bath room fan. 

    For oven check you are using the correct amount. Being a Small portable Fan for ventilation.  Depending on the age of the oven many ovens recommend only using the clean cycle on the oven to clean

    Also make sure to spread Da post. You must be giving safe proper cleaning supplies. 

    If you are unsure of the cleaning product, take photos of the front and back.   Bring it your doctor’s office or even stop by your public fire fighter station.

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    You should try to wear a mask with a respirator. FUMES are harder to control than particles and go up your nose and get into your eyes as well--you can't simply wear a paper/cloth mask to prevent this. Protect yourself thoroughly. WEAR the mask. These chemicals can cause nasty burns inside your nose and throat, and eyes, and they can also cause cancers. 

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    At least you're not a honey dipper. Think of those fumes.

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    If bleach fumes are getting to you, then you are using too strong a solution. 

    For ovens, get the cleaner-in-a-bag sort, and a scraper such as for ceramic hobs. 

    Shelves and trays go in the bag, with the cleaning solution (keeping some back). 

    scrape the biggest chunks off oven surfaces with the blade, and then wipe over the inside of the oven with a modest portion of what was in the bottle. 

    Wait a half hour then scrape oven walls, wiping off with hot water. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Check out your local hardware store, they have special half face mask for fumes. Be sure to mention 'fumes', some are made for dust.

    Be safe

  • 1 month ago

    Oven cleaners are caustic and it is the ammonia fumes that are getting to you. I am surprised that your employer does not supply proper PPE and insist that you wear it (in this case breathing protection, stout rubber gloves and protective aprons etc) at all times.

    Do they?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Wear a half mask respirator with combined dust and organic vapor filters.

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