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Have you been for a haircut yet?

Mine have been open for 2-3 weeks and I really need one but I don't want to risk covid over it.  My attempt at cutting it myself with my clippers left me uneven big as I cut one side way too close.

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  • 1 month ago

    No.  It can wait.  Like you I don't feel it's worth the risk.  I still spend 90% of my time home alone anyway.

  • If both of you are wearing masks (the staff as well), the stylist is wearing gloves while cutting your hair, the salon is limiting their capacity with staff and clients, you're following their covid 19 protocols and procedures the best you can, you  should be fine. You should also physical distance your self from other people in the salon.

    If you don't want to risk it then wait a while and let your hair grow out a bit. 

    My salon has also been open for a few weeks, but I trust that they're making their clients health a priority. I'm going on the weekend, I haven't had a hair cut since 2-3 months before March.

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