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In a call center, how do the Chinese and Japanese verify the “character spelling” of a name ? See details?

In American call centers I have worked in, we needed to verify names and street names with phonetics. For example “ Is Carson spelled C as in Charlie, h as in hotel, a as in alpha, r as in Romeo, s as in Sam, o as in Oscar, n as in Nancy.”

Do the Chinese or Japanese, do something similar by asking what the radicals or components in the characters are? They have so many homophones; how do they distinguish the characters?

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    In Japanese, the name would usually just be transcribed in kana, so there would be no room for confusion and no need for clarification.

    If they really need the name in kanji then they use a common word that uses that kanji (ideally only that kanji and no others) to say which it is. 

    I don't know for sure how they do it in Chinese, but I imagine it's much the same as the kanji method above. 

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    they probably get trained to do that

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