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What do you think about my wife?

She's lazy. She stays home all day with our child due to COVID. She taught our child during covid and he got all As so she thinks she's somehow done a great job. All she does is help our child with school, cook and clean. I have to work and buy the groceries because she won't do it. Was I wrong to call her lazy?

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    That's generally what housewives do.  It's normal.  Not sure what you expect.  My wife only cooks and takes care of the kids.  She doesn't clean or do any housework.  So I'd say your wife is better than mine.

  • Topaz
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    Well let's see. If you had to PAY someone to do all the things she does cause she loves u so much how much would u pay the person? Half your check? Yeah that's about right. U got a great marriage. She's teaching the child etc u get to work yay but she's WORKING too. Give her a big long hug kiss her face all over and tell her you are sorry after u go to Sam's Club ND get her an armful of flowers. She's a gem. That's what marriage is all about teamwork. Better than her cheating on you the kid gets f cause she's not home and running the streets taking drugs. Don't u think? Yeah I know u do. Get those flowers, like now 


  • RP
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    1 month ago

    How would you feel if your situations were reversed? What is more important than caring for your child and your home? Most people would consider these a full-time occupation. That's not lazy.

  • David
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    1 month ago

    Well, watching the child alone is a job that is about 112 hours per week.  (give or take 10 hours)   Assuming you (the husband) work outside of the house and you have a LONG commute...

    Then you probably work 60 - 80 hours a week at most.  So think of it this way.  While you are working, she is also working.  When you finish work, she is STILL working.  When it's your weekend, she is STILL working.  The only time off she gets is to sleep...and she's probably not sleeping enough.  And I can understand you hating to buy the groceries.  I hate that too.  But for safety reasons, the NECESSARY risk of going to the covid-19 paradise of the local supermarket should fall on the shoulders of whoever is spending LESS time with the kiddos.  

    Look, I've been there.  My first wife abandoned us when we had two children *in diapers*.  She thought that was "OK" as I was unemployed at the time.  But try conducting a full-time job search and caring for two children in diapers, without any help from anybody.  Bluntly speaking, it was the worst year of my life.  And I love my children dearly.  But caring for children is the hardest job there is, PERIOD.  

    Were you wrong to call your wife lazy?  Dude, if your roles were reversed.... YOU COULD NOT HANDLE HER JOB.  NO WAY...

    You would go totally insane in less than three days and you would wonder how anybody survives being a single parent?

    Your wife is super-human.  She not only thrives in the hardest job there is, BUT she is doing a good job of home-schooling, also.  WOW!  You say "all" she does is help the child with school, cook and clean.  The point you seem to miss is, that's roughly the equivalent of three full-time jobs.  

    She may be many things, but "LAZY" is not one of them.

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  • 1 month ago

    Wow she cooks and cleans?  She is top of the pile most women cant even do that.

  • Dave
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    1 month ago

    You have to be a troll.  Most women would love to be stay-at-home moms.  I know I'd marry one like that!

  • 1 month ago

    This is how a person who is desperate for attention embarrasses himself 

  • Susie
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    1 month ago

    Isn’t it your bedtime? 

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