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How can I stop this so that people won't think it's weird?

Sometimes my top teeth hurt. I have had braces before but my teeth sometimes feel like they are shifting. I have a bad habit of sometimes touching my top teeth really quickly but it almost looks like I am touching my top lip. It's not gross or anything but I don't want people to think I am picking my teeth or something. It's not every day this happens, I sometimes just feel pressure on my top teeth every so often. 

How can I stop this habit so that people won't think it's weird?


It also almost looks sometimes like I am chewing on my nail which I am not

Update 2:

Bad habit of just touching the surface of my teeth at times

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    Be conscious of your actions and stop yourself before it happens.  See your dentist who can refer you to an orthodontist if needed.

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    Be mindful about your behavior and each time you find yourself going for your teeth, consciously stop yourself and put your focus elsewhere.  The more you do, the better ingrained your new behavior becomes.

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    i wouldnt worry about what people think

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