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Is it common to have eyes be red but not hurt from allergies?

Around May my eyes were starting to hurt and were red a lot of the time so I contacted my doctor and they put me on some Prescription Allergy eye drops which since then have been great to reduce the irritation I ever had in my eye (it was only meant to be put it when I had irritation, and that's when I've done) (apparently I just gained allergies after not having them from my whole life, I'm guessing because I live in a very high allergy region). The past week my eyes haven't been getting irritated, but when I look at them in the mirror, the edges of both my eyes have lots of red veins in them. The pollen that was causing the allergy is still around but not as much as before, some my question is is the reason my eyes are still red probably because the amount of pollen in the air is enough for that but not for my eyes to get irritated? I didn't think the question mattered enough to ask my doctor since originally they said that veins in the eyes are regular but I just want to see if anyone else has an idea.


I probably should've read this over before submitting because there are some glaring grammar mistakes, sorry about that.

Update 2:

Also, one of the veins is like noticeably blue and not red, does that mean anything?

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    yes thats totally normal for allergies like hay fever

  • 1 month ago

    Who blew *** into your eyes? 

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