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Love marriage or arrange marriage ?

I’m in a dilemma. Need input 

A lot to read .. 

I’ve been in a long distance relationship with this guy (R) for 3 years. And over the 3 years period we pretty much learnt a lot about each other by just talking over the phone , including our likes, dislikes, what makes us sad , what makes us happy etc. 

We initially started talking as friends and eventually fell in love . His a different religion to me which doesn’t make any difference to me but it would to my father (raised by single parent) 

R has been consistent with his feelings towards me ever since we started taking ,  although we have never met , he said he wanted to marry me , and deep down I know that he is trustworthy and in love with me  . 

However, over time I’ve realised I’ve fallen out of love with him . I didn’t want to but it just happened. Suddenly saying I love you back to him felt forced , and I was just saying to for the sake of it . I don’t know if it was the effect of fearing if my father would accept him or whether it’s because I needed a companion to be here with me (due to emotional reasons not physical)

I tried to be honest and told R everything . It upset him but his still willing to stay In touch. 

Recently I received a marriage alliance from a family friend , who Is the  same caste , well settled and lives in the same city. My father wants me to get to know him and says to openly refuse if Im not happy with the alliance 

I don’t know whether to get to know this guy or try and work it with R

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    You don't love your internet boyriend anymore according to you.

    Pleasing your father and meeting a new person may be good for you.

    Worst case scenario will be telling your dad you tried.

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    Arranged marriages often fail because of incompatibility.

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