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Can Alaska be a decent place to get a good tan?

if you only go outside to tan during the 3-4 hours of light each day possesses, or is there not enough sunlight period where I'd have to use a tanning bed full time to achieve a good one?

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    In the summer the days can be up to 24 hours long. For a few weeks around June 21 the sun never sets. The days in the summer are very long. After September 21 the days get much shorter until there is no daylight for a few weeks around December 21. You can get quite burnt up in the areas of midnight sun in Alaska. In the winter, however tanning is impossible. But don't worry, it will be far too cold for short sleeves or short skirts.

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    In the summer, yes, it's an excellent place, except when it's cloudy (and in some parts of the state, that is a good part of the year).

    You wouldn't do so well tanning in mid-afternoon in Anchorage in the middle of winter.  Bathing suits and 15 degrees don't mix well (and bathing suits really don't mix well with -30 or colder in the interior).  If you had a south facing sunroom, you might get something out of it, but the sun is pretty low on the horizon in the winter, even in the southern parts of the state


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