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Are e-bikes popular with thieves?

I just started riding a new e-bike on the road that I bought recently. I've had several suspicious people in pickup trucks follow me around and even start conversations with me while I'm riding. I was riding down a a rural road with no traffic so I kinda felt he trying to see if he could steal my bike.

So should I be worried or am I being paranoid? My bike cost $2500.

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    It's common for people to be inquisitive about a motorized bicycle be it electric, gas or gas/electric hybrid. I experience it almost anywhere I go on my gas motorized bicycle which shifts 7 engine driven gears automatically. 

    Thieves will steal about anything which appears to be within their skill level to take.  Therefore get a good set of 15 mm+ keyed cable and U locks.  A good set of locks will cost around $70 USA.  Though not ment to replace locks, complimentary items are alarms, cellphone notifiers and tracking chips.  Store your bike in a secure closed in structure and limit the amount of time you must leave your secured bike unattended in public.

    Source(s): Motorized Bicycle Owner and Builder.
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    Any mode of transportation is popular for thieves!  It's highly unlikely someone will try to steal it while you're riding.  But when you stop, I hope you have a damn good lock.  Several years ago I had a 49cc scooter stolen - locked up with a chain running from the front wheel to the rear wheel & a U-Bolt lock through the rear wheel.  Evidentially, two or more people just picked it up and loaded it in a pick-up truck or van.  

    Everyone asked if I'd take the insurance money & buy another.  HELL NO!  I bought another bicycle.  I can roll that into the basement.  And I still lock it up to a support beam.  Lock-up methods from Kryptonite. 

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