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How can I connect to devices (smart tv and ps4) to a single Ethernet cable running from router? ?

The router it’s about 50ft from the room with the ps4 and a tv , but I only can run one single Ethernet cable and I keep switching between them when am done using one . 

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    You install a switch.  If you also want to extend your WIFI, an access point or router converted to access point.

    An access point (or converted router) has a switch in it.

    If you only care about wired, then a small switch ($12) and if you don't have 2 short ethernet cables, you need those too.

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    network switch/adapter as we call them or known as a Ethernet splitter where you connect your main router to the switch/adapter and then run as many ethernet cables to all your devices as needed. or if you don't like cables then a wifi router/repeater but ethernet cables will always give you the best connection.

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    Seriously did not use it earlier, but got on Google, hope helpful!

    Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the computer or Ethernet device.

    Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the "uplink" port on the Ethernet switch. Connect the remaining Ethernet devices to the remaining ports on the switch with Ethernet cables. 

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    if both devices are located in one house or apartment  the easiest way to do it is to use 2 Powerline  adapters ( i use them in my apartment)

    One adapter you plug into electrical outlet closest to your router. and connect router with adapter,using ethernet cable (regular 6 ft).Second powerline adapter you plug into outlet closest to your devices.Connect each of the devices with adapter,using ethernet cable (usually adapter has 2 ethernet ports ,but some has only one)

    Look link below for powerline adapter

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    you can't do that without causing problems for yourself.

    better to get a switch if you need more ports. otherwise, you should run multiple cables.

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    Ethernet splitter off ebay

  • Anonymous
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    If you don't want to keep switching them, then you need to get a second router to plug that cable next to your PS4 and TV into so that you can then run two separate cables from it, one to the PS4 and the other to the TV. You'll have the main router that is 50 feet away and you will have this second router attached to the end of that 50-foot ethernet cable that you will plug into its "in" port. You'll then attach the PS4 and the TV to any of the second router's "out" ports.

    The instructions that come with a router include instructions on how to piggyback it, meaning how to attach it as a second router further down the line from an existing router. Basically, that 50-foot cable becomes like a 50-foot extension cord and the second router attaches to it in order to give you multiple outlets you can plug into.

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