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What tools would I use in a training program for baseball pitchers in a training program and when would I use them?

Imagine you are the strength and conditioning coach of a high school baseball or softball team. You are working with the pitchers of the team and they mention their arms are getting fatigued and/or injured. You watch them pitch and realize that they are not throwing correctly. Apply biomechanics to this scenario to help the pitchers protect their arms by learning to throw correctly. If you were to begin a training program to improve this aspect, what tools would you use to measure physiological changes related to their performance before, during and after training? Also explain how motor learning and motor control are involved. How does feedback play a role in these concepts and when is it best to provide knowledge of performance and knowledge of results (discuss intrinsic and extrinsic feedback here too)? Support your answer with at least one peer-reviewed source.


I need an answer of at least 400 words

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    I had a great answer all lined up, but none of my peers is going to review the source, so it would be pointless to type it all out.

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    Get some video of Nolan Ryan and see how it is done.  Legs and back. It is how the pitcher strides forward with the throw of the arm.  The other most important thing is the shoulder position.  Then, it is mostly the grip of the ball and position of the wrist.  

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