Will inserting my old PS3 HDD to another PS3 work?

I have an old ps3 that broke and when I asked about getting it fixed, the price to get it repaired cost almost as much as getting another one. I want to buy a used PS3 but old my saves/pictures are on my old PS3's hard drive which I still have. Is there anyway to still access my old files from this on a new PS3? 

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  • 1 month ago
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    Nope.  PS3 encrypts the hard drives and generates a new key at the time it's formatted.

    Since the encryption key on the system won't match that of the hard drive, it will need to be reformatted before it can be used.

    You can still do this, but you will lose all data on the hard drive and will have to reinstall the firmware, games, etc.

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