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Is it rude to give a friendly wave to a stranger in South Korea?

I’m a US soldier on one of the bases over in Korea. As i was riding down from the motor pool I work at on my bike I waved (with my left hand) at one of the normally very friendly Korean gentlemen that works on base. As I did this he glared at me like I just shot his cat or something. It looked like he really wanted to punch my face in! Did I do something to possibly offend him?

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    It would not be rude to give a friendly wave to a stranger in South Korea.

    In Korean unconscious sense, he would have felt that you are enemy.

    In logical sense, US soldiers are allies of Korean peoples.

    But, in Korean unconscious sense, China is the master, Korea is the vassal, and the others are invaders.

    This sense was built in the era of Lee Dynasty. Qing Dynasty subjected Lee dynasty, and Lee dynasty established Chinese Confucianism as a state religion and aimed to spread it. Chinese Confucianism has the sense that China is the master.

    So, you are invaders in their sense.

    US Army had better go home. They do not thank you.

    You will be more welcome in Japan. I am a Japanese.

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