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This time of Covid 19-has it served as a time of Re-orientation in people's lives,of reconsidering how they go about various aspects of life?

A kind of pause for re-alignment, for many people?

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  • Dejair
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    1 month ago

    Who wants to be them being ?

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    I think so. I hope so. I've wanted to grow more of my own food for a long time; now I  want to do so more than ever. People should try to be more self-sufficient. I could go on for awhile listing lessons that I think people should be learning, and things that I think they should be doing. We (the whole world) really needs to start doings things much differently than what we've been doing, not just to deal with viral pandemics, but to deal with lots of other problems, many of which have become even more apparent in light of recent events and times. 

  • P
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    Judging for the widespread flagrant disregard for the safety of others being reported, no! The vast amounts of unnecessary litter disgarded in our parks and on our beaches since "easing" serves to reinforce the point. The lack of consideration for others continues undeminished

    There will be widespread re-orientation of peoples lives over the coming months as the effects of support withdrawal and commercial cut backs come into play. Unfortunately it will be unavoidable rather than considered

    The oportunity for reflection is perceived as "being picked on", an infringement of rights, and numerous versions of divisive discrimination.

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  • It is a bit agonising not being able to go to the gym or the cinema or work. The sameness is brutish. Especially after months of it. Binge watching tv shows is okay. But there is a certain creeping agitation. And not knowing when this will end is terrible. And all these procedures to go back to work seem stressful. 

    I will need to cultivate some optimism. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    There are a number of people whose lives haven’t really changed that much aside from a little inconvenience.  For example, Fox News anchors sequestered in their fortified bunkers.  They never had to worry about losing their jobs or being exposed to the virus so they had no issue with calling it a hoax or making light of wearing masks.  

    Even people who aren’t celebrities and were fortunate enough to work-from-home were at best slightly annoyed by the problems the rest of the world was causing for them.

    The virus has definitely shined a light on our baser instincts, but ultimately it hasn’t and won’t change our nature for the better.  Whether we want to accept it or not, the virus isn’t done with humanity........and changing our nature for the better is the only thing that will save us.  

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