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When Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk, where does his increased mass come from and where does it go when he turns back into a regular man?

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    Better yet. How do his pants seem to grow too? You'd think his junk would just burst out but no. Super pants!

  • He's like one of those balls that can expand and contract.

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    This is where suspension of disbelief comes in.  Any explanation offered is going to be pseudo-scientific gobbledy-****.  Once an explanation is offered, you're then bound to try to make that consistent and make sense with all observed phenomena.  Better to just say 'Hey, that's part of the suspension of disbelief' and let it slide.

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    The current comic explains it as every time he transforms, he is opening the door to a dimension of pure radiation where a horrible demon resides. And that radiation as well as another personality takes over his body for a time. 

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    You have a problem with that but see no problem with a man from another planet who can fly?  Okay.

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