I’m getting lip fillers, what should I expect?

So as the question says, I’m getting lip fillers. I’m planning to get one syringe (1ml) of Juvederm; I’ll be getting them done in 6 days and I’m terrified. The doctor I’m going to doesn’t use a numbing topical because she just prefers not to and I’m very worried about that. How bad is the pain? If you’ve had fillers, what was your experience like? How was the healing process? Did you bruise badly? Did you have bumps in your lips after they were healed? Did they go away? What happens if they don’t? How did it feel to kiss and make out with you significant other? Any advice, comments, and opinions are welcome. 

1 Answer

  • 3 months ago

    my ex girlfriend got fillers before. 1ml as well. I'm personally not a fan to be honest. and kissing wasn't too different. little more plump and sensitive though. we usually suck on the bottom lip and it had to be careful for a good 3 weeks. oh and DO NOT use numbing cream! it will swell your lips and make them look weird for a day or two. yes it WILL HURT. just accept it. if you don't numb it the surgeon can see 100% where to fill and how much. pain is the cost of perfection. i wouldn't go more than 1ml though. hell i would be good with .5mil.

    if you experience any bumps in your lips, that’s a sign that the filler is too close to the surface: It usually goes away, but it can be corrected. If you’ve had Juvederm fillers, after 48 hours you can very gently massage your lips with a lip balm to smooth out bumps, but it’s best to consult with your surgeon first.

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