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what is "personal injury law" ? if a lawyer secializes in this,,,what is it really? what kind of cases he/she would have?


someone said it is like the dodgiest type of lawyer,,,,how true and they basically extort like hospitals, etc?  how and why so much money and corruption?

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    Vehicle accidents, slips trips and falls, animal attacks, any bodily injury caused by the negligence of another person or business.

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    I'm one of those dodgy attorneys, one of those attorneys who extort money from "like hospitals;" you know, the whole money and corruption deal, an ambulance chaser.  I don't know what "how and why so much money and corruption" means.  We didn't learn that in law school.  Ambulance chasers?  Illegal in my State by definition.

    I represent people who suffer PERSONAL INJURIES (a term I always thought was self explanatory): fall downs, slip and falls, dog bite, motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, assaults where someone is injured and so forth.  

    You NEVER have to consult with me or anyone like me.  If you are injured in some fashion through none of your own fault, then don't sue and let the matter drop.  That is not everyone's choice.

    Last month a case settled in which a woman died in a hospital after being given triple the prescribed medication.  She was 28 years old and left a husband and two children.  It was her husband's choice to sue the hospital and the Physician for the loss of his wife, for his children's loss of their mother, for the 48 hours she spent in agony while the hospital tried to reverse the damage.

    If that happens to you, you don't have to contact anyone like me.  Bury your wife and move on with your life.  It's just that simple.  Same thing in a motor vehicle accident.  Your vehicle is standing at a light and someone rear ends you and sends you into the intersection where your vehicle is struck by another car?  Pay your medical bills, don't sue for pain and suffering and permanent damage (if there is any) and move on with your life.

    No one is forcing you to talk to any of us dodgy, corrupt ambulance chasers.

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    They are known as "ambulance chaser". Look up the term, it will explain everything.

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    he would probably have cases to do with a personal injury

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