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What dog would you recommend for apartment living?

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    Generally, a smaller breed that isn't so high energy or with strong instincts to hunt, or herd. I'd recommend something like a pug or a chihuahua. Maybe a French or English bulldog. It also depends on how much money you want to spend. You can also look into breed rescues and your local shelters. Dogs need a lot of attention. It's like having a kid. 

    You might also consider other small pets if a dog won't suit your needs or apartment space and your life. 

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    Just don't get a maltese dog. They are pain in the azz and bark all the time.

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    Yorkies & other small breeds means smaller poops (sorry I know it's kinda gross, but assuming you're getting a puppy you have to potty train it). make sure you get you're dog from a "non-puppy mill", so as to avoid birth defects. If you want a larger dog that could be fine too if you put in the work. Also, some dogs bark less, so researching that might help guide your decision. 

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    Without knowing you and your situation I cannot recommend any breed at all.

    How old you are.

    Do you live alone or not.

    Do you work?  Full/ part time? Or school?

    Has the apartment got a garden?

    What floor is it on?

    Why do you want a dog?

    What experience with dogs do you have?

    How long and often will the dog be left alone in the Apartment? 

    How much exercise & training do you intend giving the dog?

    Do you intend getting a puppy or an older dog?

    Apartments are not really ideal for any dog unless they are on the ground floor with access to a yard area.

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    Where a dog sleeps/lives is not really a priority as long as you are able to have a dog especially if you rent and complying with a landlords restrictions ... it is more about what easy access do you have to a secure garden/yard ( for toileting) and what time you have daily to train, walk, socialise and groom a dog.

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    Although there are exceptions of course, basically I don't think apartment living is for dogs.   Yes, it makes life easier, with a puppy, if you have a ground floor apartment so you can take him outside where he should be emptying, from day one, before he's had all his vaccination shots, as frequently as is necessary with a puppy (every 2 hours during the waking day, and at least once overnight).  And then there's a potential noise issue, especially if you are not home with the dog/puppy most of the time.

    I believe a cat or other small animal is far more suited to living in an apartment.

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    I would suggest doing a dog breed questionnaire or quiz to match you up to different breeds. It helped me and my ex husband find our old dog.

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    Without knowing how much time you have to train and walk a dog, how often you plan to walk the dog, how long it will be alone, this is impossible to answer.

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    Entirely depends on the owner's lifestyle and desires. While there are certainly some breeds that are poor fits for apartment living due to very large size, tendency to be vocal, extremely high energy levels, or breed insurance restrictions, there are a lot of breeds that can be okay in an apartment with a dedicated owner that is willing and able to be sure their needs are met. Someone wanting a daily running buddy and happens to live in an apartment is suited for a much different set of breeds than someone who wants a walk around the block and vegging out on the sofa.  There's also a lot of people that shouldn't have a dog at all. You need to take your lifestyle and what characteristics you want into account when choosing a breed. 

    As someone who has owned dogs while living in an apartment, dog ownership in an apartment requires a lot of dedication in comparison to owning a dog in a house with a fenced yard and should be given a lot of careful thought before taking it on. When your dog does not have a fenced yard to be let out in, you get to leash them up and take them out multiple times a day to eliminate and for exercise. This has to occur rain or shine, when you're sick or injured, etc. No excuses, no exceptions. If you work full time, you need to make provisions for your dog to have regular bathroom breaks, whether that's hiring a dog walker or going home on your lunch break and immediately after work. There's no option of installing a doggy door and allowing your dog to let themselves out into a secure fenced yard as needed. Your dog will also be held to a higher standard of behavior in an apartment. You'll encounter plenty of people and other dogs in an apartment setting, and your dog will be expected to behave appropriately and not react. There's also much less tolerance for any noise when living in tight quarters with others, and any destruction of your landlord's property will cost you dearly. 

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