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What do you think could have happened?

I have had cataract surgery in one eye about 2 years ago and got a new lens.  A few months ago however I got into an altercation with someone and got punched in the eye containing the new lens.

Since the incident the vision out of the eye has been a bit blurry/hazy at times.  Also at night I see glare around lights.

Can I have your opinions on what could be wrong with my eye?

I have already booked an appointment with my eye doctor for the 7th August.  It’s been impossible for me to get an appointment with a doctor because of the virus.


It’s weird though because I thought the new implanted lens could not be damaged since it’s artificial?

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    It is possible but rare to dislodge your implant. I have seen it in one patient who had pseudo exfoliation syndrome. Your implant is held in place by the membrane that was around your natural lens. This membrane is supported by fibers called zonules. Here is what I think is happening. The part of that membrane that is behind your implant has turned cloudy. This happens very frequently. Trauma would not normally cause it but being more careful about how an eye sees could make you aware of it. 

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    1 month ago

    Maybe the lens got damaged or the blood vessels in your eye are impeded in their blood flow.

    You need an eye check from your doctor. only your doctor can inform you of the procedures.

    A wise old man or woman does not get into fights at his or her age. Whatever happened to this society  ....?

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    1 month ago

    I can't say what happened in your case, but I do know of someone who was mugged, hit in the head with the butt of a rifle, and that dislodged his cataract lens.

    He had a "repositioning" surgery and now his vision is as it was before the incident.

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