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What does this reply from an English police force to a query about a possible parking enforcement scam mean?

I asked them if Civil Enforcement Ltd could be defrauding Botanical Gardens visitors if their machines into which the parker enters their car registration number goes blank and does not issue any kind of receipt, and then a fine is sent through the post. The parker has no proof they entered their number.

The simple police reply was 'It is up to Civil Enforcement Ltd to ensure their machines are working correctly'. They did not mention the details, the fines issued, the lack of receipt offered, the lack of proof available, the possibility this could all be on purpose

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  • Mr. P
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    1 month ago

    Film it. Then you can fight the claim in court - and submit your own claim of fraud against them.

     You could even stay there a bit and film other people this is happening to as they too can testify against them. You could mention they could get a slice of the compensation from them.

    I just stopped using any areas that issue tickets and don't go there anymore. 

    I think other people are doing this too because a lot of businesses that I used to drive to have closed down. - All their own fault.

    You could write to the Botanical gardens saying you won't be back because of this issue - and will warn your friends to stay away too.

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