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Can I drive to my skills test?

I am going for my skills test soon. I've practiced everything and feel goos but still nervous. I also fear the driving part now because they've changed it due to the virus and do outside examinations as you go through a closed course in the parking lot. I don't know what all the closed course has so that scares me. I assume it'll just be basic stuff or at least I hope so.

Anyway, am I allowed to drive myself (with my licensed driver in the passenger seat) to the exam center... or does the already licensed have to drive us there? I know in my state, you cannot drive alone until you have your actual license. I am over 18, but that still applies to me. The only difference is my licensed helper does not have to be a parent. Since I am over 18, mine can be anyone who is 21+ and licensed in the state.

But am I allowed to be the one driving to the test or do they have to? Do I only get to go behind the wheel when the test starts? I don't want to get in trouble for driving there if the DMV expects me to be in the passenger seat initially.


I knew I couldn't drive alone as I clearly stated. I was asking if my licensed driver could be my passenger. You need a licensed driver anyhow now because they have to act as the examiner since the real one stays outside your car to evaluate your driving. Your licensed driver has to stay inside the car with you so you aren't "driving unlicensed". I just didn't know if I could drive or if they'd expect someone to bring me.

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    Alone, no.  With a licensed driver, yes.

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