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Is it possible to majorly improve my singing in one year?

After being lost for so long, I finally figured out that I want to do music as a career. My problem is that I have ZERO experience with singing (but I'm still somewhat okay at it??). My Other Problem is that the company I want to audition for will only accept people who are 17 years old or younger. I'm currently 16, so I have one year to prep. Do I /honestly/ have a chance? Are there any good resources I could use for singing (preferably free/with a free trial, but paid is cool too as long as it's reasonable) and perhaps dancing? Thanks.

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  • Janet
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    Not in one year. And even with all the prep in the world, half of a good voice is our inherited physiology (vocal chords, soft palate, etc) and if you don't have that then you won't have it.

    Almost NO ONE who has a good voice makes enough money to live off of it   MOST of them become voice instructors of volunteer as a choir director at a church.

    Seeing as you do not have natural talent at this, it is extremely unlikely that you an make any money ever off of singing.

    So what you do is to focus on schooling and plan to get further education, or training in a trade, after you graduate.  And if you want to pursue music, do it in your spare time. You MIGHT get lucky, but if you don't then you are not stuck living in poverty and working at McDonald's for the rest of your life.

    Music needs to be your "Plan B", not your first choice.

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    Your only hope would be a good singing teacher who would help you with what you want to do (make improvements in your performance in a year).

    Good luck.

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