Part time work alongside a Level 3 college course?

I'm a 21 year old returning to education in September ( previous question). I've applied for a full time level 3 Science course - two years. I'm very excited, if lockdown restrictions have started to lift then obviously, but also getting nervous over finances and such. 

I've worked full time since I left sixth form 3 years ago so I'm no stranger to long hours and I've always had enough money, I even worked part time in sixth form. I still live at home so I pay rent to my mum, my phone bill, and have my car to pay for (the insurance is ridiculous as I only passed this year). 

I've had little contact with the college at the minute so I'm not entirely sure what hours I'd be physically in college, however, I think it's two and a half days a week. I THINK. Would anybody else have any idea what sorts of hours these courses tend to be over the week? And what's everybody's experience as an adult trying to manage their funds while working part time in this situation? I'd be having to work at least 25 hours a week to make ends meet, which shouldn't be a problem really. 

I'm super excited cos I know I'm doing something for the possibility of higher education and my future! And it's something new with a new job and all. It's just causing me some anxiety thinking about it because of all the hours I'd be dropping and I just wanted to know other people's experiences with this sort of situation! 😊

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  • 1 month ago

    A single Level 3 BTEC done over 2 years is not going to take a lot of time; max 12 hours a week in total plus travel.  If you have last year's calendar you will be able to see what the hours are likely to be.  Some adult education places do all the classes in the evenings which is intended to allow you to work during the day.

    Another thing you might want to consider is a distance learning Level 1 Science course with the OU.  That will allow you complete work flexibility as you study on your own.

    Either way you should be able to hold down a full time job.

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