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How do you classify race? ?

Some say it’s all divided into caucasoid, mongoloid and *******.... Depending on your skull and features 

Others divide in other ways....

How do you define and classify those of different races? 


I hope you understand the censored word extremely sorry i didn’t know that was offensive I had just written as a matter of fact 

Update 2:

Some define race based on colour and general features 

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    You don't. Once it was figured out what chromosomes are and how they are passed on, and even more when we became capable of comparing DNA,  it became clear that the whole concept of humans coming in races was WRONG.

    When you need a bloodtransfusion, the so-called race of the donor is irrelevant

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    Twelve tribes of Israel 

    A bicycle race is twisted to suit those that make an impact 

    While the next gen of mixed tribe syndromes carry shimmering blades after being pulled from burning bedrooms with rickets whilst more syndromes walk out of Western Mosques after claiming moneys in the one millions names of Allah 

    The word race (A aeuphemism) is convenient for them, because it only happens to them and not to me.

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