Whats the best Dslr camera to get for my price range?

I dont want to spend over $400 for the body and lens. Also would I be better off to use 11 pro max camera for my photo shoot. Is a dslr camera much better than the iphone 11 pro max camera? 


I want to take portrait photos and use for youtube videos/vlogging. Also for outdoors pictures of nature.

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  • Sumi
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Is the $20 camera in the $1,000 iPhone 11 as good as a $400 DSLR?  What do you think?  Of course the iPhone can't compete with a DSLR.  Sure, you can technically pick and choose certain types of easy shots where a smartphone can easily take an acceptable shot.  But what happens when you need to make prints?  People will not be able to see any of the bad faults of the iPhone's cheap camera simply by looking at the images on their phones.  The screen is too small.  But make prints or enlargements, and then the defects in the plastic lens and super-small sensor (e.g. noise) becomes very apparent.  It depends upon what you want to shoot and what you want to do with the image files.

    Depending upon your needs and expectations, an iPhone - or any smartphone, for that matter, could be perfectly fine.  What does "nature" mean to you?  Is that wildlife?  Is that flowers and landscapes?  All of the above?  Without question, any DSLR will be vastly better than any phone at all types of photos.  Comparing an iPhone to a DSLR is like comparing a golf cart to an actual car.

    A phone camera uses a very small sensor and thus it will necessarily have a very short focal length.  Even the "telephoto" lens on the iPhone 11 is very short because the sensor is so small.  Shorter the focal length, the more depth of field you'll get.  Because of this, it's not possible to blur out backgrounds which is what you'd need for a good-looking portrait.  You don't have the control of the exposure or lens options with any smartphone as you do with even the cheapest and most outdated DSLR.

    Any DSLR within your budget will be vastly better than the most expensive phone in the world.  Again, iPhone 11 is a $1,000 phone with a $20 camera in it.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Probably a used Canon 6D, a full frame DSLR camera. It is currently selling at that price range as a used camera. FF gives you much better image quality than cameras with small sensors, all else being equal. 

  • keerok
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    1 month ago

    A dSLR is only much better if you know photography (exposure control/settings). Otherwise, you see no difference. 

    There's a steal on a Nikon D90 at B&H right now, body only. They also have a refurbished 18-55mm kit lens or if you want a faster one, a brand new Yongnuo 50mm. Either lens will put your total comfortably below your maximum budget.

  • 1 month ago

    A DSLR is potentially capable of taking much better photos than even the best iPhone. But without an understanding of photo techniques and settings, you could end up with worse-looking photos.  Also, the video function on a DSLR is only designed for shooting short video clips to a script, so get a good camcorder if you want video running for a long time.

    Good portraits require a 70-80mm equivalent focal length. Landscapes usually require a wide angle lens of 28mm equivalent. Dynamic landscapes require  12-24mm.  Birding requires 300mm or more unless you are very good at stalking.

    If you must have a DSLR then here's an example of a good place to find used:


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  • Sky
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    1 month ago

    You most definitely need to look for used camera gear to find a body and lens for $400 or less.  Any DSLR brand new will be at least $1000 for just the body.  New lenses can be anywhere from surprisingly cheap to insanely expensive, depending on the specs and the manufacturer.  A DSLR will be better because of the bigger sensor, ability to change lenses, and ability to shoot RAW files that you have much greater ability to edit.  But the number one thing you need to do to make good portraits and landscape/nature photos is to learn good photographic technique.  There are a lot of photography channels on youtube with videos ranging from beginner to advanced so you can learn what the camera functions are (in general and specific to whatever camera you buy), how to use them properly, how to set up proper lighting (natural light or flash), and how to compose good photos.  Here are a few of the photography channels I watch with thousands of videos going back very many years covering all aspects of photography, as well as camera and lens reviews:

    Jared Polin/FroKnowsPhoto

    Adorama TV

    Thomas Heaton

    Karl Taylor

    Joshua Cripps

    Gavin Hoey

  • 1 month ago

    You need more money, but not a lot, to get a new camera. 

    A used one might easily fit within $400. 


    I strongly recommend Pentax. 

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