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Should I be worried my kittens are too small?

I have two kittens both from the same litter both boys. They're mom was siamese and their dad was siamese and American short hair. The thinh I am worried about is that they are almost 6 months and they are only 4.5 pounds. They are still active and they still eat and drink like normal they just seem small to me. I know siamese cats are smaller but I do just want to make sure I'm not imagining things I will be taking them to get fixed when they are 6 months and I'm sure if the vet thinks there is a problem size wise they will tell me. But just let me know if I have to be worried they will be 6 months 07/09/2020

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  • 6 days ago

    They're active, healthy and eating and drinking well?  Then there is nothing wrong with them, they're just smaller than you seem to expect. Some cats are small, some cats are big, it's just the way of the world.  Those two look fine.

    We had one once who never grew bigger than the size of a large kitten and no-one could work out why.   She was fit, healthy and as feisty as could be, as well as being a fearsome hunter.  She lived a full and happy life with no problems.  Nothing to worry about.

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  • 6 days ago

    Can you feel ribs on light petting? then yes too small. You shouldnt be able to feel ribs on a cat. Please look into a different feed or other medical issues .

    • Breanna6 days agoReport

      No I can't feel the ribs likes I said they are healthy other wise they are just small there is a picture 

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