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Do racing forms show you ALL previous races each horse has formally run in, or just the few  considered most significant & useful to know?

I'll be watching a triple crown race and the analyst will say that this is a horse's third race, which doesn't jive with the points system required to get into major races. They may have won the Florida derby, and that's their one claim to fame to get into the race AND be the favorite. How can that be?

The NFL is my forte, but it's not year round. I'm new to this subject, and what little I've learned after a few hours reading on the Internet about all the different grades and locations of races, plus a brief overview of a racing form, it was enough to make my head explode and go back to Texas Hold 'Em if I'm going to have to study and follow the sport for 10 years and read 10 books to get any good.

It seems there are way too many horses and tracks to know much about the horses in the races that are scheduled for any given day at any given track. I don't know how people can follow so many horses or their previous races. So we're dependent on the form to get an 'edge' over those who just pick a name they like that they've never seen, or odds they like, which it seems that most people do.


Are there consistent winners over time due to them knowing what they're looking for on the form, right before the race? How long did it take them to get that way? Horse racing seems to be big business for so many people to be involved in it, but maybe that's the owners and trainers, not the gamblers. (transfer of wealth from losers to the already wealthy). Tracks seem to have it tough too sometimes, given the list of ones I saw that had been shut down.  

Update 2:

I know that every NFL statistic and poker hand imaginable has been entered into computers and analyzed to try and get an edge, so I'm wondering if the same is done with things like the run times shown for a horse at each stage of a race, and software that predicts what they're likely to do in the same length race in similar conditions and competition. 

Update 3:

I haven't been to a track in years, (two within driving distance shut down, so they must not have been profitable for some reason) and when I did, I just bet $2 on the fav to win, place, or show, and made enough to pay for my gas, entry and parking fee, chalking it up to free entertainment.  

Update 4:

Are people showing up today with their laptops too? Is the racing form only available on the day of racing, such that you must evaluate each race on the fly as each one comes up, and never before you get to the park? Do people show up hours early to analyze forms? Do they even know in advance which horses are racing that day? 

Update 5:

What's the best book you're read that explains all this stuff? I might be willing to invest knowledge to learn the sport if it's fund and I can make a living at it, at least part time, (a LOT more than minimum wage), just as any successful handicapper can do. In other major sports, 90+% lose cause they don't know what to do to get an edge. 

Update 6:

And I have no clue how people in casinos who watch their races on a screen are deciding what to bet on, or even know which races in which cities will be available to them to wager and watch. I know this is too many questions for anyone to be willing to answer, so just pick something that falls in your realm of fascination that you know something about. Most people won't even read all these comments. Thanks in advance. 

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    The Daily Racing Form gives you the horse`s last 12 races,this will cover most of the horse`s lifetime starts.

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