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Best 1920s football player?

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    Uruguay were seen as the strongest nation during that period with players like Hector Scarone, Jose Leandro Andrade, Jose Nasazzi, and Pedro Petrone.

    Meanwhile in Europe you had players like Adolfo Baloncieri, Dixie Dean, Jimmy McGrory, and Ricardo Zamora who's regarded as the best goalkeeper of the 1920s.

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    1 month ago

    Pelé's father. 

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    William Ralf Dean the  great Dixie Dean

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    no disrespect but thats a little bit too far back wouldn't you agree ?

    I was watching Superb Goals | Premier League 2006/07 | Ronaldo, Shevchenko, Kuyt

    Youtube thumbnail

    and found THAT era LONG TIME ago lol

    HOWEVER,  since you have asked here are the CHAMPIONS of the 1920's lol

    1919/20 - West Brom

    1920/21 - Burnley

    1921/22 - Liverpool

    1922-23 - Liverpool

    1923-24 - Huddersfield Town

    1924-25 - Huddersfield Town

    1925-26 - Huddersfield Town

    1926-27 - Newcastle Utd

    1927-28 - Everton

    1928-29 - Sheffield Wednesday

    The 1920's saw 7 different clubs win the league over a 10 year period from 1920 to 1929.

    of those 10 leagues,  Huddersfield won 3,  Liverpool won 2 and the rest 1 each.

    Perhaps that was Huddersfield Town's era then, the 1920s.

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    Probably some Brazilian guy. 

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  • Anonymous
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    Dixie Dean without question.

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    1 month ago

    Dixie Dean (or Dean as he’s now going to be called).

    Played for Everton and scored 60 league goals in 1927-28., a record that probably will never be beaten.  30 is considered great these days.

  • 2 months ago

    Bob Crompton-The Greatest Rover of Them All(and a Blackburn Lad) 

    Made his debut 1897 last game 1921(so just qualifies)

    He then became manager and led us to the 1928 FA cup kept on managing till 1937   

    He was first Professional to captain England.

    He made 41 appearances for England a record which stood a long time they didn't play much international football back then.

    He was the first footballer to own a car.(ha ha)

    I know he is unheard of now but in Blackburn he is a legend and a real pioneer.

  • 2 months ago

    Ronaldino was the best

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