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Uk driving Who should give way driving into a street v driving out of a street?

Every time I drive into my home street there is someone there as cars park either side it’s impossible for two to fit but sometimes no gaps to wait especially as people park on the edge of junctions so I have to guess or reverse if there’s someone there. Who should be giving way is it me or them. Sometimes when I’m already down the street when people push up it seems like it should be me but idk

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    This is a very dangerous situation because if there is a fire, then the fire brigade won't be able to get to the fire without having to wait for someone to reverse out of their way.

    If the street is narrow enough that this is a frequent problem (cars, not fires), then you should ask the council to get something done.  Either it should be made into a one-way street, so that cars won't be driving both in and out at the same time, or they should allow cars to park on only one side and have someone put up no parking signs on the other side, so that there will be room for two-way traffic.

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