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Native English speakers: Which one do you use? Are both okay? (a) scrambled egg (b) scrambled eggs?

I see both expressions but I think (b) strange in terms of grammar. Eggs that are scrambled do not keep their original shape, so (a) makes sense grammatically.

It's also true of mashed potato and mashed potatoes. Since the potatoes are mashed and do not keep their original shape, mashed potato makes sense in terms of grammar.

What would you think?

Thank you. I'd appreciate your feedback.

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    I have never seen or heard "mashed potato". No one would mash one potato. It is possible, I suppose, to scramble one egg and to say "I ate a scambled egg for breakfast" but that is very unusual. Where are you seeing this? I suspect it's from non-native speakers of English. 

    Some things do become non-count when cooked, but not eggs or potatoes. 

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    "eggs" is plural, "egg" is singular. "scrambled eggs" and "mashed potatoes" are what people eat, unless they are only eating ONE egg scrambled or ONE potato mashed, which would be highly unusual.  In that case, you would have to say "a scrambled egg", "a mashed potato", using the indefinite article.  Don't overthink it or obsess about it, just learn it and move on to something else. 

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    To look at in lame terms one egg scrambled to make a scrambled egg compared to two eggs scrambled is now plural consisting of two eggs instead of one so the correct term would be scrambled egg if only one egg is scrambled and scrambled eggs if two or more eggs are scrambled   just like if you have one egg it is called an egg two or more would be called eggs 

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    The shape has nothing to do with it.

    If you're eating only one, it's a scrambled egg.

    If you're eating more than one, they're scrambled eggs.

    The dish is called "mashed potatoes."

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    I mean....if you're cooking one egg then..scrambled egg. If youre cooking 2 or more eggs...scrambled eggs. 🙃

  • One is plural.

    End of.

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