How Do I Use Prismacolor Pencils?

Hello everyone I have a question that I hope someone can help me with. Recently I bought some prismacolor pencils to go back into drawing. However, what I noticed from these pencils is that when I first tried coloring my image it left white little dots and as I pressed harder nothing happened. I heard that I had to layer in colors to achieve a solid look so I need help in understanding some things. One is how do I layer? Two what if I want a solid black do I press really hard on the pencil ? Three my picture came out waxy when you put it into the light is that normal. Lastly what paper is good for prismacolor pencils? Ive been using swarthmore but is there a better one? Take a look at my unfinished work and tell me if its suppose to be this waxy. Please help thank you.

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  • 1 month ago

    That wariness is called a 'bloom', you can try burnishing it with the back of a spoon rubbed hard on it.  But accept that this is part of the medium used.

    There is an excellent color pencil forum over on the website 'wetcanvas', Google it and scroll down to the color pencil category. 

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