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How to stop tax payers asking me "do you work yet" UK ?

I'm serious. I have these nosy people in my neighborhood who know I'm on benefits (disability,) and on benefits LOOKING FOR WORK. They always ask me when I see them walk by "do you work?" "why you not working?" "are you looking for work?" as if they're owed an answer because they're tax payer 🙄 lol how do I get them to stop asking personal intrusive questions like this when it's not there place? 

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    "I get asked that a lot, but I'm not getting any offers.  What job do you have to offer me?  I'm more than willing."

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    I'm in the UK and work but most of us understand that if all benefits were cancelled then our tax cut would be nearly nothing. People who act like that are clueless and applaud a royal family who are a much bigger waste than anyone on benefits. I say if you need it then you should get it and I might need it one day as I could become disabled.

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    Well firstly STOP telling folk that you're even on benefits man if you wanna avoid snobs. Folk can only judge you if you feed them information.. why would you brag to these people about benefits you're on ? How would ya feel if some of your benefits came out your bank to go into mine?? Then me banging on like "oh I don't work btw" You'd feel the same as us. Tax paying people don't go round judging folk not working without knowing their full situation. If you openly admit you're LAZY!!! Then you will get the heaviest criticism for it. Stop telling those folk you don't work. Shut up and make up something to the folk who already know like oh I'm living from your savings. Even say awhhhhh well I don't tell people where I work. Even if it is a little lie. Who cares. It will stop folk judging you. That's what you want in the end 

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    Next time they walk by. Just say 

    "I don't need to work !!!! You guys pay me enough" 😉😂

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