How can I appear older ? ?

I’m 20 years old , and I look more like I am between 12 and 13 years old. I know that this will likely be something I appreciate in my future , but at this point in my life it has been causing issues. Often, I experience conversations with people my age or even younger who will speak to me as if I were much younger than them. I’m often asked if I have an adult around when it comes to doing things such as shopping in a store or eating out by myself. I also often receive the kid’s menu and a paper cup with a lid when I eat out with family.  My size doesn’t help either , I’m 5 foot 1 and 97 pounds . I’ve tried wearing makeup, dressing more maturely , etc. , but because of my small size and stature, I only look like a child playing dress up in her parents clothes. I’m currently a junior psychology major at a university , and I need to be taken seriously in job interviews and internships, and especially in life , as I’m planning on moving out independently soon. If anyone has any advice on this, it’d be greatly appreciated. Please no sarcastic or rude answers or comments . Thank you. 

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    5 months ago
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    I know this blog entry is now quite old but Jean's general advice still holds good:

    It's often the smallest of details that make a big difference.  If I could highlight two things as a fellow short woman with a young face it's make sure your clothes fit and that you carry yourself well.  Even small alterations like taking an inch or two off sleeves make a difference between looking like you're wearing the clothes instead of the clothes taking you out for a ride.  Anything fitted needs to come from the petite section.  The other point is body language.  Learn how to take up space.  This is particularly important as a woman.  The buzzwords to research are "gravitas" and executaive presence."  This really does make a difference in being "seen" and heard.

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    5 months ago

    Don't be embarrassed.

    If challenged, just look people directly in the eyes.

    "Yes, perhaps I  look younger, but I'm actually 20 and a junior at ... college. I can shop for myself. Thanks for your help though."


    "I would appreciate an actual glass, thank you."

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    If you had included a photo of yourself, it would have been helpful. YOu can write again and do this, if you wish. Try dying your hair grey. Its fashionable and can be very chic on young women, might help. I think your behavior will count for more than your young looks, when it comes to being taken seriously. Good luck,

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