Question about our postponed wedding?

So my fiancé and I were scheduled to have a 150 person wedding next month, but we have postponed it to May 2021. We’re contemplating whether to also postpone the marriage itself too or legally sign the papers this year and just celebrate on our date in May. We really want to get married and begin the next chapter of our lives since we’ve been engaged for 2 years and want to start a family within the next year, but we also want our parents, siblings, and grandparents to witness our tying of the knot, but they are all a couple thousand miles away and definitely will not be flying here, and I don’t blame them, it’s not safe. So because of that we’re thinking of just doing the whole thing next year and pretending like we had nothing at all planned for this horrific year. What are your thoughts ?

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  • drip
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    3 months ago
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    You get married once.  Do not get married now and start your marriage off by lying to your whole family about it.

    You get married now and tell everyone. You can have them all in on Zoom to witness.  Or you wait and have the ceremony and a wedding reception next year. 

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    my hats off to you for actually postponing your wedding for next year as many others are being selfish and all about them that they will not postpone at all. because they're in "such a big rush" to get married and show up their friends... who seriously wants to get married in a pandemic, the worst time in the world right now? who wants to look back at that and see all of their wedding pictures with them wearing masks? ridiculous...

    you don't sign papers now. no... you postpone the WHOLE THING until next year...

  • Cammie
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    3 months ago

    You get married at your wedding.The reception has no  legal meaning.This virus has changed and canceled plans all over the globe .You can wait and hope things will get better by next year or adjust your wedding plans.There are ways to include family and friends in a small but legal marriage.No pretending or sneaking around. You get married or not.

  • 3 months ago

    You say you want to begin your married life and even mentioned a desire to start a family. You do realize that with that plan, you will potentially either be pregnant, ready to deliver or have an infant by your new wedding date in 2021. Then what and how do you fit into your dress? Just saying.

    Pregnancy aside, these are uncertain times and as such, due to the upheaval that C-19has wrecked upon our lives, I do believe brides have to face challenges and should be able to "break the rules" as far as wedding planning norms. I am not saying that  "anything goes" but within reason, brides must adjust. Many couples are having private ceremonies now and a reception later. I think that is perfectly acceptable under the current C-19 restrictions.

    I imagine that there will be short and sweet vow renewals at delayed receptions of couples who married prior to the rescheduled wedding reception. And  honestly, it may be the new norm for millions of "Covid Brides", which I see nothing wrong.

    Howsoever, having a secret marriage and then reeling in your family and friends into a fake wedding as you use everyone as an audience to a wedding show is all day long wrong. But, you are not doing that...thank goodness!

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