Toyota Tacoma Wiring Issue?

Just got this 2000 toyota tacoma. really well taken care of. There is a problem though, the brake lights. when my headlights aren’t on they flick on fine. but when they are it hardly turns on at all. but when i push my brakes,  my dash lights also turn on....? Is this a wiring issue and are the two problems possibly connected?

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    1 month ago
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    Look under the dash and see if there is a mess of wires with a ton of electrical tape.  If you see one, there is your problem. 

    The dash issue is relatively the easier fix.  The dash power wire is getting shorted to power by the brake power wire when the brake pedal is pressed.  Trace the brake power wire and the dash power wire and look for black or burnt areas where they are near together.  There could also be a short at the wire harness connector.

    To fix the brake light turning off, get a 12V incandescent test light and learn how to use it to check power and ground.  Check power and ground at the brake light connector (at the bulb) when the brake pedal is pressed and the headlight is ON.  Determine if it is a power problem or a ground problem.  If there is a ground issue, trace the ground wires to its ground connection.  The ground connection could be corroded.

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