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If one of your dead ancestors was adopted, will it show up on any record?

For example, if my dead grandfather was adopted, and when gathering information and certificates to fill out a family tree I didn't know that he was adopted, 

would his status be given, or would it be undisclosed leading to my wrong assumption that his adoptive parents were his biological parents?

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    It would show up on the records of the adoption, but you can't get those records (usually).  Adoption records exist, but they are usually sealed.  It would not be disclosed on the records that you can get.  The records that are available to you would lead to the wrong assumption.

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    As you do not state where in the world and each country has their own record system I can only give you a general reply.

    You would apply for the birth certificate, however from an adopted person what you would recieve would be the  adoption certificate as that replaces the original birth certificate for all legal purposes as their original birth certificate is sealed to the public.

    Of course if it is just back to grandfather, then, you would first speak to his wife any siblings he had and of course his children, one of which is a parent of yours, ask each one individually if they know, ask what records and photos they have as you are likely to get more information, so direct family investigation will likely give you more results

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