Question about CALL OF DUTY modern warfare 2. Why wasn't private Allen ordered to kill Makarov since Makarov was a confirmed ...?

terrorist. Why did the task force 141 decide to wait for so long till the massacre at the airport eventually happened?

They could have ordered Allen to shoot him as early as possible after joining Makarov's team. After all, Allen did have a gun, and there wasn't any doubt also that Makarov might be good.

Why gather intel of a terrorist's plan when you could simply end his plans by killing him?

1 Answer

  • Will
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    General Shepherd wanted the mission to fail so he had a reason to start a war with Russia, win the war, and come out a hero. It's why he betrayed Ghost, Roach, and their team at the hideout in the end. The evidence they found would have proved the USA's involvement. 

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