According to Endgame, If you time travel, you won't actually become one with your past or future self. They'll exist with your present ...?

self. Then how the hell did Antman come out of the machine as a baby and then an old man when hulk was testing it? How the hell did he become younger and then older again and then back to normal?

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  • 3 months ago
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    I think there were a couple of plotholes with their Time Travel model.  The biggest to me was this: in the final timeline, Thanos was taken from the past to the future, skipping the portions in between wherein he did the snap (and everything else).  So then, then snap never happened because he wasn't there to do it.  

    It's one thing, as someone from the future, to travel to the past and there there are two distinct versions of yourself, but this was a past you who came forward...and therefore neither of you were there for all the interim time.  That Thanos would have travelled forward into a timeline where the snap never occurred.  He had to.

    To your question, the real answer is 'they thought it would be funny'.  It's a scene played for humor.  The real answer is that they had an idea for a funny moment, and didn't let the logic get in the way.

    As for coming up with a in-world answer that makes sense...I can't.  I tried thinking about it, and rewatched the scene on youtube.  It's clear when he comes back that younger him knows them and is not frightened.  Further, regular age Scott remembers being baby and old him because one or both or all three of them peed his pants.  That clearly doesn't jibe with Hulk's later explanation of time travel in this movie.

  • 3 months ago

    There are entire websites that were created just to discuss all the plot holes and inconsistencies in Endgame. 

    In essence........they put everything they had into  Infinity War.......

    and then gave us some recycled  "Back to the Future"  crap in Endgame.----not putting in a 10th  of the effort into the plot. 

    In fact, Endgame was little more than  an AD....... for the Disney+ shows they hoped to spin off. 

    Basically, just treat Infinity War like a stand alone movie.......and forget there was a sequel to it. 

    There's actually a petition by fans, to remake Endgame, and give the fans the film they were expecting, instead of the garbage they got. 

  • 3 months ago

    The past, present and future are all together.  Time is an illusion created by gravity .  I got that much from Stephen Hawking.

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