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Is Berkeley, CA gay friendly? ?

I'm visiting the area surrounding San Francisco soon (most likely Berkeley, Oakland, or Emeryville) and I'm worried about the area not being LGBT friendly. I'm openly gay and worried I will be harassed/rejected by the community. Do I have to worry about this issue, or should it not be a problem?

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    2 months ago
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    Are you kidding? Berkeley is known for being so left-wing that the only people who get hassled are straight while males. 

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    Yes, most of the bay area is LGBT friendly.

    That being said there are azzholes everywhere.

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    2 months ago

    The word for the entire bay area is "diversity". White, black, Asian, Latino and anybody else you can imagine. Straight, gay, indifferent. Everybody just gets along, by and large. Yes, there are some assholes wherever you go.Mostly nobody cares about who you like to have sex with. And that cuts both ways - if you should want to turn it into some sort of issue yourself, there's a chance somebody might take you down a peg. Everybody is just folks....

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    Yes.  Very much so.  It's so open and known for that openness that I feel like this has to be a troll question.

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    They don't call CA the land of fruits and nuts for nothing.

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