What is the outside looking Jean for potato salad?

I know this might sound like a dumb question but I haven't made potato salad in a long time and I wanted to make potato salad and I was told to get grey poupon so I got that Dijon mustard. it was spicy so I don't know if that was right do I want to get Dijon mustard with white wine? Is that a different kind ? Is there a non-spicy version of Dijon that is appropriate I thought Dijon mustard was made with egg salad and potato salad although I've never made egg salad and it's been many years since I made potato salad so I'm guessing on that but I don't remember it ever being spicy when I hate the mustard I thought it was real smooth and I thought it was kind of a very light almost white tone if you will not as much yellow tone and I thought it wasn't spicy but maybe memory is messing with me . And everybody said great coupon is what you wanted you and I'm like I don't think that's right but the general public please tell me. 

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  • 5 months ago
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    Grey Poupon has a distinct spicy flavor note that many prefer with accompaniments containing mayonnaise. Taste test it for intensity while you’re preparing it, as it’s flavor requires only a tsp or so. 

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    5 months ago

    Grey Poupon IS Dijon mustard and anything labeled Dijon mustard will be a lot like it. For making salads most people would use the kind without seeds. Unless you use way too much your salad won't turn out to be hot and spicy tasting, just good.

  • I make both egg salad and potato salad with NO mustard at all. Maybe try that.

  • 5 months ago

    Most of the recipes I've seen use dijon mustard, but you could use grey poupon if you prefer that. Most potato salads I've had had more of a yellow tone. I've also seen an had ones that just use yellow mustard. Dijon to me isn't spicy but if it is for you I'd recommend swapping with plain yellow mustard and maybe mix it with grey poupon if you have it.

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